Jen coin trading platform of the future!

First decentralized currency platform that allows services of fast and secure transaction through Jen coin

About Jen coin

Why to choose Jen coin?

Jen coin is built on the Binance smart chain. Which aims to create a decentralised currency platform where users can transfer money using our currency. Our working protocol Binance Smart Chain P2P has assisted us in developing a network of widely used payment channels as options for your P2P transactions, allowing our users to transfer money around the world quickly and without fear of disruptions, reimbursements, or processing issues.

About ICO


Our Technology Services

We deal in user privacy our aim is to keep the anonymity of user as much as we can.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Jen is a fair and safe project with a complete decentralized policy. The users can be a part of Jen with complete surety.

Instant Exchange

Early Profit

Jen coin will allow you to get early profit and to fullfil your dream

Strong Network

End to end encrypted

Encreyption is the process of using an algorithm that transforms standard text characters into an unreadable format. End-to-end encryption uses this same process, too.

Mobile Apps

Easy to Buy & Sale Token

Jen coin is very easy to buy throgh diferent exchanges and also direct through us.

Margin Trading

Fast Transaction

Simply sign up to start trading Jen coins instantly with both local and global users.And then get transaction all over the world.

Road Map

29 JULY 2022

Coin launched

28 AUG 2022

Listing on Coin Gecko

12 SEP 2022

Rate on Metamask

13 SEP 2022

10000 Transaction

14 SEP 2022

Listing on coinmarketcap

10 JAN 2023

Lbank Listing

10 MAY 2023

Jen Games laucnhed

6 Oct 2023

Listing on MEXC

25 Dec 2023

Listing on GATE.IO

10 JAN 2024

JEN Shopping Mall

25 MAR 2024

Jen Blockchain

15 FEB 2023

Listing On Kucoin

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Jencoin.If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Jen coin is based on bep20(Binance Smart Chain), the main purpose of launching Jen coin was to solve complex problems, regarding transactions and privacy.
You can buy JEN coin with USDT/BNB or ETH you can also buy it from metamask and Dex-trade.
You can buy it in early stage so that you can gain more profit before the international buyers.

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